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The Oak Creek beer garden, which draws on Wisconsin's German heritage, will travel to two select parks this summer. The city of Oak Creek has teamed up with NEWaukee to bring an art exhibition to Lake Michigan State Park, home to one of the state's most popular beer gardens.

Bliss in Lake Michigan Viewpoints, Hiking Trails, Bird Watching, Hiking, Cycling, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Fishing and Bird Watching - Hiking Trails in Evening Light Park, which is aimed at soft - Adventure fans with Disc Golf and a skate park. Unique features of the Oak Creek Store include a full-service restaurant, beer, wine, spirits, beers and wine glasses, an outdoor terrace and much more.

With nearly 20 stores to choose from, you can choose from any of the drives at the Oak Creek Shopping Center stores. While walks - Ins during business hours are welcome, customers are encouraged to come to the store when it suits them. Since each business is run individually, it is best to call ahead.

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More About Oak Creek

More About Oak Creek