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A new location for the breakfast and lunch chain has opened at Drexel Town Square in Oak Creek. Vietnamese restaurant opens this week in a room that has been empty for more than a year. The owners of Kanpai 2 have renamed the room an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.

Maki (shrimp tempura) can be ordered in two parts, while nigiri is limited to seven per person. The maki includes two rolls that are served with two different toppings, such as flaming shrimp, pork, chicken, beef and pork belly.

While the Oak Creek Restaurant & Bar offers a variety of lunches and dinners, they also offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, and a full-service bar.

Some of the products are: macaroni and cheese with butter and sherry vinaigrette; hamachi tuna nicoise salad with olive capers; and a ceviche special that changes daily. Specialities include shakes with various toppings, such as lemon, lime, lime and lime juice or a cocktail.

The Middle East menu is largely the same, including the usual menu items such as chicken, pork, beef, lamb, chicken and pork chops, and salads.

Sandwiches and plates are carved with beef and chicken shawarma from the rotisserie, and fried rice, steamed rolls, salads, sandwiches and salads are specialties. Traditional Vietnamese soups are also served, including shrimp pho, rind soup, chicken and pork chops, and various salads. Taiwanese and Chinese dishes ($8-9) are offered and combined with a meal, such as fried vegetables, fried Taiwanese pork chops, hard-boiled eggs, rice and noodles or a salad.

Eggs and Blessings ($11.59) are also available, as are pancakes ($5 - $49 and $10 - $59), which can be made with banana muesli, berries or lemon curd.

Maru Sushi has no buffet, instead guests order whatever they want from the kitchen, from a menu of starters, rolls and nigiri. Run by chef / owner Joe DeSantis and his wife Jennifer, Raw Bar offers an all-in-one seafood menu inspired by chefs Jonathan and Manyo Morel during their time on the West Coast. Bento Xpert operates a full service sushi bar and restaurant in Oak Creek, with a focus on sushi and sushi - like dishes.

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