Oak Creek Wisconsin Art

The city of Oak Creek has teamed up with NEWaukee to bring an art exhibition to Lake Michigan's most popular tourist attraction, the Oak Ridge Museum of Art. Newaukee is seeking applications from qualified artists under 18 for the exhibition, Oak Creek:

If you're not married to your significant other, consider hosting a Door County Waterfront Wedding even if you're not married. Take a look at the parks in the area and take stunning pictures of Lake Michigan, or you can take other photos of the city and decide to take a base in Oak Creek to explore the many activities available to couples in the county. The city also has options and can purchase tickets to the annual art exhibition of the Oak Ridge Museum of Art. Take this opportunity and see for yourself!

Consider visiting a resort where you and your partner can go cycling or hiking along the scenic coastline of Northern Door County. Two of these places are Jackson Harbor and Washington Island, where they can paddle on Lake Michigan and get a feel for the maritime history of Door County. Both have resorts where we could choose to climb the Eagle Tower or visit Nicolet Beach. On Washington Island, we can drive down to Jackson Harbor and visit the Great Lakes Maritime Museum and Oak Ridge Museum of Art.

If you are a serious cycling fan, you can choose to take a passenger ferry or a bike tour of Washington Island. You can also charter your own boat, either by steering your own boat or by taking a secluded tour along the coast of Door County.

If you want to visit many of the issues around Door County, you can visit the peninsula on your own schedule. Take a guided tour, get a map and brochure from the office or visit us according to your own schedule.

Take this opportunity and you may be surprised at what you learn and what new photographic connections you make. Let your creativity run wild and get some new tips and techniques from one of our current courses or art (s). If you are motivated to find a new place to take photos, check out some of the photos on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites.

Look for new ways to practice your skills and take extraordinary photos. Professionals also give tips on how to improve your skills and optimize functionality for better lenses and attachments.

You can try different settings to see what works best for you, and it's a great place to share your passion with other photographers. Explore local retailers that offer a variety of art offerings - oriented locations in the Oak Creek area, such as the Art Gallery of Wisconsin. You also have access to a wide range of local art galleries, galleries and museums. If you are interested in more than just art and photography, you will also enjoy visiting a variety of shops and galleries.

Rental companies offer rentals to test items before you commit to buying in Oak Creek, and you can test items in a variety of local stores and restaurants before you purchase.

At noon, you can opt for a private picnic on the newly completed South Pier, where you will find a variety of picnic tables, picnic chairs and picnic benches. Or if you prefer to return to the beach in the dark, spend the night in one of the many outdoor recreational areas of Oak Creek and return home to renew your relationships and recharge your personal batteries. Enjoy the South Shore Cinema, which offers a relaxing spot to lounge on comfortable loungers, enjoy a good meal or watch a movie. Take a film or sit by the large stone fireplace, sip wine and make smelly smelly meals with your companions.

If you are a sporty couple who really enjoy nature, take your partner on an expedition to get your own dinner. For something different, visit the many recreational areas at Oak Creek, such as the beach, lake and boardwalk, or explore your creative side with a couples art class.

When the residents of Oak Creek have a day of photography behind them, they can come to Art Greenfield to print out their pictures. Bring your memory card to the art to capture images so you and your staff can color and print.

It was so carefully taken care of that the collage would be a special treasure for the family. When I brought a photo memory card to the Greenfield Store, I had no idea what a great experience I would have. Those who pick up their child too late from kindergarten should not forget their picture frame. The more helpful you are, the better and the more you can ensure that your collages will be special treasures for you and your families in the future.

More About Oak Creek

More About Oak Creek